Providing food allergy education, support and advocacy

for the Triad!

Here is the line up for the 2017 Seminar Series...

Self-Care Series

Essential Oils: Support for Everyday Life

Emotional Impact of Food Allergies-Adult & Children Session

Mom's Night Out

Medical Series

CPR & Epi-Pen Training

Registered Dietician - Q&A

Research Updates

Please check back to find out more details about upcoming events.  

Saturday, May 20th 10am-1pm

Kaleideum Downtown

390 S. Liberty Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101

We are so incredibly excited to partner with Kaleideum Downtown and offer a "Food Allergy Awareness Day" to finish up Food Allergy Awareness Week!!  The event will include a food allergy focused storytime, craft and activities to raise awareness and encourage inclusion.  At our table we will offer life saving resources for families living with food allergies.  We will also have resources geared towards compassionate community members who want to learn more about how they can keep food allergic individuals safe.  Everyone who visits our table will walk away more educated and empowered.  FAFT will donate a food allergy book to the library as well. 

Stop by our table to learn more about what we are doing to make our local community a safer place for food allergic individuals!!

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