Providing food allergy education, support and advocacy

for the Triad!

Founder, Angela Fuller and son, Holden presenting Children's Food Allergy Books to a Forsyth County Library Children's Librarian.

After our first son, Holden, was diagnosed with multiple life threatening food allergies at just four and a half months old, it became apparent leaving my job in marketing was the best decision for our family.  Motivated by a desire to utilize my business and marketing experience and a passion to contribute to the greater good of our community, I formed Food Allergy Families of the Triad in August 2012.  I longed for a connection with others who were raising children with food allergies and although on-line resources were helpful, they did not provide all the support needed.  There is something intrinsically empowering about sharing stories and gaining knowledge with others who "get it".

Since that time, I am pleased to say we have welcomed another son to our family who also presented with food allergies in infancy.  Holden, as the inspiration for forming Food Allergy Families of the Triad, is integral in the organization, assisting in food allergy training, working our table at community events and having a voice in role we play in the community.   We are honored to have been warmly embraced in many areas of our local community as we have gained the support and respect of community members, medical practices and businesses.  By continuing to offer educational opportunities, emotional support and trusted resources to the local food allergy community, members will be able to make more informed choices for their families and themselves increasing their quality of life on many levels.  And, through our continued efforts to get out in the community to start conversations about food allergies, we will create a more supportive community for all.  We do not require a membership fee and all seminars are free and open to the public.  In a time of increased cost of living, layoffs and families managing on one income in order for one parent to dedicate more time to keeping their children safe and healthy, we strive to make resources available to the entire community.  We have a lot of work ahead, but together we can make a difference.  

founder-angela Fuller