Providing food allergy education, support and advocacy

for the Triad!

Chase the Class Champ

‚ÄčAn interactive storybook for families and children at risk for anaphylaxis.

The Adventures of Ana and Phyl Axis

Food Allergy Awareness for kids from

Jude the Dude: The Peanut Allergy Kid and Halloween

"Mr. Nose It All's Food Allergy Bubble Game

"Talking about Food Allergies with Mr. Nutshell"

"Back to School" game to test kids knowledge of allergies and asthma.

This section is for kids to watch, learn and become empowered to...

enjoy life and bring epi!!

just for kids

Food Allergy Kids Spot Games and More.

The Sneaky Allergen Activity

Abby the Alley Cat: Staying Safe from Dairy!

Arthur "Binky Goes Nuts"

Video, Games and Activities